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I am a qualified solicitor in England and as such I am regulated by the SRA. Regulations that apply to solicitors say that I cannot provide legal advice except through a regulated entity. I provide all bespoke, tailored legal advice through Virtual Law which is a regulated law firm and has insurance cover for up to £5 million. Nothing in this Academy entails "legal advice" as it includes template documents and training sessions and as such, is not regulated by the SRA. I am not acting as your solicitor and cannot provide you with any bespoke legal advice as part of the Academy but if you require such legal advice, please contact me and such work will be provided through Virtual Law after a quote has been provided and agreed.

Template documents are by their nature inherently risky as they have not been drafted with your particular circumstances in mind. However the vastly reduced price of a template document compared to a bespoke document reflects that risk and will protect your business more than not having any document in place. We will not be liable for any matter arising out of your use of this Academy.

The only support that will be included in the price of the Academy is technical support if you have problems downloading and saving the documents or viewing the videos. If you need help with completing the template documents, you should email us at [email protected] to discuss support packages at an additional cost.

The guides and information contained in this Academy are relevant to English law only and are not suitable for any business governed by the laws of another jurisdiction.

As you agreed when you purchased the Academy, your use of the Academy is subject to our Terms and Conditions.

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